Two new train services to the North

The Station Master of the Jaffna Railway Station R. Pradeepan said that two new train services from Kankesanthurai to Colombo will be operated from tomorrow morning and night.

He also said that two new train services from Colombo to Kankesanthurai have already commenced this morning and tonight. These services will be available daily from today.

Train number 4082 will depart from Jaffna at 06.25 am and will reach Kilinochchi at 07.43 am, Vavuniya at 09.02 am and finally Colombo Fort 4.00 pm.

At the second train service, train number 4088 will leave Kankesanthurai at 05.40 pm and will arrive at Jaffna Railway Station at 06.16. From there it will depart at 06.40 pm and reach Colombo at 04.00 am.

Since tomorrow, the mail train which is already engaged at night service and usually departs Kankesanthurai at 06.00 pm and Jaffna at 7.00 pm, will depart Kankesanthurai at 7.30 pm and reach at Jaffna 8.10 pm. Then it will leave Jaffna at 8.25 pm and arrive in Colombo at 4.40 am.

The first train service from Colombo has already started at 08.50 am today and the train will arrive at the Jaffna Railway Station at 06.31 pm. The train will reach the Vavuniya Railway Station at 03.25 and the Kilinochchi Railway Station at 4.56 pm. He pointed out that the charges would be similar to normal services and that through these services workers crowd would benefit greatly.

The second train will leave Colombo at 07.15 pm and arrive in Jaffna at 04.20 am.

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Since today, the mail service that leaves Colombo usually at 8.30 pm will leave Colombo at 9.00 pm and arrive in Jaffna at 05.04 am.

Station Master also said the two new train services from Colombo and Jaffna will be a test run for one month.