Chief of IOM calls on Governor

The Chief of International Organization of Migration for Sri Lanka and Maldives Sarat Dash called on Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan today (02) at Governor’s Secretariat.

The case of Sri Lankan refugees living in India from Sri Lanka has been extensively discussed and attention was also given to the measures to bring them back to Sri Lanka.

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Sarat Dash said that IOM could spend 6.5 Mn rupees to bring the Sri Lankan Tamils living in India as refugees but there is a delay in the process of bringing them to Sri Lanka due to some unexpected reasons. He requested the Governor to help with this.

The Governor said he would talk to the officials of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and other relevant officials in this regard and would take necessary actions to assist IOM.

At the same time, Sri Lankan refugees in India as refugees are fully entitled to return to their nation. The Governor said that when they return to Sri Lanka, it must be ensured that they will be provided with proper facilities. He also pointed out that they could never allow living as refugees in Sri Lanka again.

– Media Unit of NP Governor