Ministry of education, cultural affairs, sports and youth affairs

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Mr. M. Patrick Diranjan

Ministry of Education
Chemmany Road,
Nallur, Jaffna.
Sri Lanka
Tel: 021-221 9259
Fax: 021-222 0794
Mobile:071 809 8059


Creation of new generation with the correct values, knowledge, innovation, discipline, attitudes and skills to meet the challenges existing in the Northern Province.


“Formulating policies to ensure co-ordination and guidance regarding activities relating to Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports & Youth Affairs and ensuring the building of the latent potentials in every Individual and creating a society with a balanced personality in the Northern Province.”


 The Objectives of the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs are summarized below.
  • To provide Education facilities for all children with school going age and ensure physical, mental, moral, cultural and social growth and development of them.
  • To provide them with appropriate Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes expected in life.
  • To increase the rate of school enrolment by giving effect to the “Education for All” policy prevailing in Sri Lanka.
  • To promote life by educating the School – leavers through programmes of Non-formal Education and other related activities.
  • To promote the Moral and Spiritual development of Youths and inculcate in them the values conducive to Communal Amity, Peace and Good Citizenship.
  • To promote and preserve the Cultural Heritage of all communities in the Northern Province.
  • To give encouragement to youths in the participation of all sports activities this will contribute to their Physical Development and Social behaviour.
  • To develop youth’s personality and skills to participate fully in socio- economic development of the country.
  • To improve quality and relevance of the vocational and technical training sector for creating a globally employable workforce.
  • To enhance opportunities for youth to being a sustainable livelihood by creating an entrepreneurial culture among youth.

Contact Details

Postal Address : Chemmany Road, Nallur, Jaffna

General Telephone: +94-21-223 1343, +94-21-3202704

Fax No. : +94-21-2220794

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DesignationName Telephone Number Email
SecretaryMr. M. Patrick Diranjan

Direct : +94-21-221 9259
Mobile:  071 809 8059
 Senior Assistant SecretaryMr. N. Thirulinganathan Direct :+94-21-222 9673
Mobile:  0773530600
 Chief AccountantMs M. Sivakumary Direct :+94-21-222 2283
Mobile:  077 959 5689
Director of planningMrs.T.Jeyarajah Direct :+94-21-222 2237
Mobile:  077 116 3703
AccountantMr. R. Chandrathas Direct :+94-21-222 2283
Mobile:  077 621 8396
Assistant SecretaryMrs. N.Laghini Direct :021 320 2251
Mobile: 0772352073
Assistant SecretaryMr.S.Surendran Direct :+94-21-222 2203
Mobile:  077 591 3125
Deputy Director of Education (Administration)Mrs.P.Abiramy Direct :+94-21-222 0037
Mobile:  077 991 1757
Administrative OfficerMr. P.Rameshwaran Direct :021 222 0039
Mobile:  077 651 1267

Updated on 09/08/2023