Ministry of education, cultural affairs, sports and youth affairs

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Creation of new generation with the correct values, knowledge, innovation, discipline, attitudes and skills to meet the challenges existing in the Northern Province.


“Formulating policies to ensure co-ordination and guidance regarding activities relating to Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports & Youth Affairs and ensuring the building of the latent potentials in every Individual and creating a society with a balanced personality in the Northern Province.”


 The Objectives of the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs are summarized below.
  • To provide Education facilities for all children with school going age and ensure physical, mental, moral, cultural and social growth and development of them.
  • To provide them with appropriate Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes expected in life.
  • To increase the rate of school enrolment by giving effect to the “Education for All” policy prevailing in Sri Lanka.
  • To promote life by educating the School – leavers through programmes of Non-formal Education and other related activities.
  • To promote the Moral and Spiritual development of Youths and inculcate in them the values conducive to Communal Amity, Peace and Good Citizenship.
  • To promote and preserve the Cultural Heritage of all communities in the Northern Province.
  • To give encouragement to youths in the participation of all sports activities this will contribute to their Physical Development and Social behaviour.
  • To develop youth’s personality and skills to participate fully in socio- economic development of the country.
  • To improve quality and relevance of the vocational and technical training sector for creating a globally employable workforce.
  • To enhance opportunities for youth to being a sustainable livelihood by creating an entrepreneurial culture among youth.

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Deputy Director of Education (Administration) Mrs.P.Abiramy  Direct :+94-21-222 0037
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Administrative Officer Mr. P.Rameshwaran  Direct :021 222 0039
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