Ministry of Women's Affairs, Rehabilitation, Social Service, Cooperatives, Food Supply and Distribution, Industries and Enterprise Promotion and Trade & Commerce





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Social empowerment with sustainable development.


Create and sustain conducive administrative environment, legal framework and capacities for good governance and development, ensuring norms and social development and empowerment of people in Northern Province.


  • Provide care and protection to the needy children and women in the society and develop the socio-economic condition of the people, especially disadvantaged groups.
  • Ensure the best functioning of cooperative Institutions by introducing good governance & implementing cooperative reforms.
  • Promote women empowerment and mobilization to promote women-based organizations for active citizen participation.
  • Ensure the promotion and developing of small industries and livelihood enterprises development.
  • Amelioration of the living condition of the poor and the vulnerable groups such as sick, physically and mentally disabled, the aged, disaster victims and drugs addicts.
  • Provide inspiration for development of co-operative movement to stand as people’s enterprise and intervene in broad lines to build up co-operative societies having good governance.
  • Encourage the people participatory process in all institutional and organizational level.

Contact Details

Postal Address : No 04, Broody Lane, Kandy Road [A9], Ariyalai, Jaffna

General Telephone: 021222 0882

Fax No. : 021222 0882

DesignationName Telephone Number Email

Mr. P.Vageshan

Direct: 021-2220880
Fax: 021-2220882

Mobile : 0773868567
Assistant SecretaryA.Lathumeera

Direct: 021-2220883
Fax: 021-2220882
Assistant SecretaryMrs.S.Rajamalligai

Direct: 021-2220884
Fax: 021-2220882
Chief AccountantMr.S.VishnukumarDirect: 021-2220885
Fax: 021-2220882
Mobile: 0779912658
Administrative OfficerMr.T.ArunkalaichchelvanDirect: 021-2220881
Fax: 021-2220882
Mobile: 077-4468200
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