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Towards a dignified northern region of the nation ensuring the rights of Women and Sustainable Social Economic Development.


Formulating executing and regulating provisions and policies aligned to practices of good governance to ensure the right of women by empowering socio-economic conditions, instilling values and ensuring participation through strategic integration with all stakeholders leading to a dignified northern region of the nation.


  • Adoption of measures for the advancement of women’s quality of life.
  • Formulation and implementation of strategies for the enhancement of women’s participation and their representation in the sphere of decision making in public affairs and politics.
  • Adoption of measures for empowerment of women with special focus on group affected by conflict and poverty, and to ensure gender equality and equity.
  • Implementation of programmes for empowerment of women-headed households.
  • Implementation of plans, programmes, and projects to promote the rights of vulnerable women in the line with national policies and international standards, thereby ensuring equal opportunities for them.
  • Setting and investing women development goals in a provincial productive way.
  • Listen to the grievances, receive the issues of women population and providing a long-lasting solution.
  • Providing legal frameworks and policy development services to ensure women security
  • An intensive approach to address the issues of differently able naturally and instantly affected provincial population and providing services for a merge with the community.
  • Ensure and providing social & gender protection.

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