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Mr. Sunil Dissanayake


A9 Road, Kaithady.
T.P.No:071 034 4222




To recognise as the best regional destination for diverse, authentic and untouched experience and to uplift sustainable socio economic condition of the province.


To be the nation’s catalyst in People-Centric Economy generated through an empowered tourism value chain extensively with multi sectoral participation while adding value to the natural, cultural, and social essence of Northern Province, Sri Lanka. 


  • To promote and develop tourism within the Northern Province in accordance with the National Policy on tourism.
  • To develop and promote adequate, attractive, and efficient tourist services, inclusive of the hospitality industry in a sustainable manner within the Northern Provincial Council Limit Subject to the Provision of Tourism Act, No. 38 of 2005.
  • To collect information and publish such information, maps and the matters relating to tourism within the Northern Province in collaboration with recognized Tourism Associations of Sri Lanka.
  • To encourage persons or bodies of persons in the private and / or public sector to participate in the promotion of the tourism industry and the promotional and training activities connected with such industry within the Northern Province.
  • To work towards the enhancement of tourism and travel sectors in order to secure contribution for the expansion and development of Sri Lanka’s economy.
  • To work in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority established under section 2 of the Tourism Act, No. 38 of 2005.
  • To develop Northern Province as a tourist and travel destination both in Sri Lanka and abroad.   
  • Provide an efficient passengers service by providing fair competition between the National Transport Board and the private sector.

Contact Details

Postal Address : A9 Road, Kaithady, Jaffna

General Telephone: 021 2217311

Fax No. : 021 221 7311


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ChairmanMr.Sunil Dissanayake 

071 034 4222