Provincial Department of Health Services






Tel: 021 222 0811

                  Fax: 0212220818


Achieving attainable health status by providing curative, preventive promotive and rehabilitative healthcare services of high quality responding to peoples’ need fairly and equitably to contribute towards national health targets.


A community without disease burden contributing towards physical, mental and social wellbeing of the province.


  • To establish and develop Health Surveillance and Information System at Provincial and district level.
  • To ensure and organize curative health services of standard quality.
  • To ensure the availability of comprehensive health services in each districts of Northern Province.
  • To rehabilitate and reconstruct health facilities on priority basis.
  • Improve the nutritional status of the vulnerable groups.
  • To ensure the sustainability of projects and programmes.
  • To promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injuries and disabilities.
  • To ensure the better financial management for the benefit of the health sector of province.
  • To improve the capacity and proper deployment of competent Health care workforce.
  • To coordinate and facilitate all stakeholders in the Health sector to achieve the national and provincial goals for health.


  • Co-ordinate the health activities among districts with all Regional Directors of Health Services.
  •  Ensure uninterrupted service delivery through the health institutions in the province by timely, adequate supply of Drugs, Dressings, Equipment and consumables.
  •  Ensure provision of primary health care services to the population in the province including the returnees and internally displaced population.
  •  Organize activities of prevention of communicable diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, TB, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and Rabies.
  •  Co-ordinate with health policy matters at the provincial level and provide technical assistance in making decisions.
  •  Make link between Provincial Ministries, Provincial Authorities and Line Ministries.
  • Ensure better financial management for the benefit of the health sector of the province.
  • Organize ways and means of inventory control and ensure periodic board of surveys annually.
  • Organize disposal of unserviceable and obsolete items and grant write off authority.
  • Implementation, supervision, monitoring & evaluation of Annual Implementation Programme and other Capital Programmes.
  • Ensure the quality services rendered by implementing quality assurance.
  • Improve the clinical training facilities and ensure the regular staff training.
  • Attend for the public complaints promptly and ensure the investigations and disciplinary actions are carried out properly.
  • Make effort to fulfill the vacancies of the institutions.
  • Maintain Health Sector Data Base (including sectoral atlas for the Health Sector, Northern Province)
  • Create better environment to improve ability and efficiency of the health staff.
  • Regulate private health sector facilities within the province and coordinate with Central Ministry.

Contact Details

Postal Address : Health Village, Pannai, Jaffna.

General Telephone: 0212220819

Fax No. : 0212220818

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DesignationName Telephone Number Email
Provincial Director Direct: 021 222 0811
Fax: 0212220818
Deputy Provincial DirectorDr. K. NanthakumaranDirect:
Chief AccountantMr. V. KalaiselvanDirect: 0212220812
AccountantMrs. S. NishanthiDirect:0212220839
Mobile: 0773980552
Mechanical EngineerEng. S. JohnsonDirect: 0212220805
Mobile: 0771764692
Planning & Programming OfficerMiss.A.JeyaranchiniDirect:0212220815
Mobile: 0718242307