Department of Provincial Land Commissioner

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Commissioner of Land 
Dept. of  Provincial Land Commissioner,
No.59, Temple Road, Jaffna

T.P: 021 321 5539
Fax: 021 222 0836    

mobile: 0773618499



To achieve Sustainable development goals and socio-economic development with self -sufficiency in food production.


Systematic alienation and development of state land in keeping with the norms of land utilization policy of the Government of Sri Lanka and environmental sustainability within Northern Province. Objectives
  1. To gather the data of state lands which are able to be distributed and then distribute the lands landless and to promote Economic development .
  2. By having Land Kachcheries regularizing settlement procedures of the people who encroached the state lands before 15.06.1995.
  3. Promoting sustainable production enhancement in LDO allotments.
  4. To provide state lands on long term lease and to increase the revenue of Northern Province Council.
  5. Expediting  the process of Grant to allotters by improving State Land Information Management System.
  6. To ensure the land ownership of the people who  lost their documents due to the abnormally  in the past ,by issuing the documents again.
  7. Ensuring the land tenure transfer within family members in accordance with the Land Development Ordinance.
  8. Ensuring the holding is not subdivided less in extent than the unit of Subdivision permissible to enhance productivity.
  9. Protection of state lands coming under the purview of the Northern Provincial Council for future generation & development and government requirements.
  10. Capacity development of the staff for efficient service delivery.
State Land Management – Let’s avoid disputes on State land.

Contact Details

Postal Address : No.59, Temple Road, Jaffna General Telephone: 021-221 1104 Fax No. : 021-222 0836 e-mail:
Designation Name Direct Mobile/ Res. e-Mail
Commissioner Mr.A.Sothinathan 021-3215539 0773618499
Deputy Land Commissioner Mrs.Kajani Barthipan 021-2211104 0779123931
Accountant Mr.S.Parathan 021-2211077 0771882858
Administrative Officer Mrs.N.Sounthararajan 021-2220836 0770748886