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Eng.S. Mohanathevan

Provincial Director – Department of Buildings

Tel: 21-2228091
/ 21-2212900 (Ext-201)
Fax: 21-2212700
Mobile: 21-2212700


To construct, reconstruct, renovate and maintain buildings to the satisfaction of the State organizations in the Northern Province.


  • Implementation of Policy decisions, control & Co-ordinate the Programme of Works assigned to the Department by the Ministries and other Departments of the Northern Provincial Council and the Central Government.
  • Implementation, Planning, Designing, Estimating, Construction, Maintenance and Providing Consultancy Services.
  • Formulation of Building Construction Programmes for the Public Sector.
  • Securing building materials for the construction Industry.
  • Promoting research in problems connected with building construction.
  • Testing materials and quality of works.
  • Organizing appropriate training programs for technical and other staff.
  • Developing and maintaining data base for movable and immovable assets, personal data, development programs etc.
  • Progress monitoring and control.
  • Developing contract systems and procedures.

Contact Details

Postal Address :  A9 Beach Road, Kurunagar, Jaffna.
General Telephone: 021-2228091, 021-2212900
Fax No. : 021-2212700
Designation Name  Telephone Number  Email
Provincial Director Eng.S.Mohanathevan Direct: 021-2220625 Fax: 021-2212700 Mobile: 0773868576
Deputy Director(Technical) Eng.S.Suntharakumar Direct: 021-2214360 Mobile: 0772209552
Accountant Mrs.J.W.Manchula Direct: 021-2214361
Mobile: 0776136591
Design Engineer Eng.P.Thivakaran Direct: 021-2228091/021-2212900(Ext-206)
Mobile: 0773236302
Design Engineer Mr.V.Mernan Direct: 021-2228091/021-2212900(Ext-203)
Engineer Ms.B.Mositha Direct: 021-2228091/021-2212900(Ext-206)
Electrical Engineer Mr.A.Krishnananthan Direct: 021-2228091/021-2212900( Ext-207)
Mobile: 0775903672
Administrative Officer Mrs.S.Lakshitha Direct: 021-2228091/021-2212900( Ext-209)
Mobile: 0775047918