DEPARTMENT of Animal Production and Health

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Dr. S. Vaseeharan

Provincial Director of Animal Production & Health

Tel: +94-021-2212653
Fax: +94-021-2212652
Mobile: 077-3868584


To provide Physical, Financial and Technical inputs while regulating the usage of available resources to promote modernized and commercialized Animal Husbandry system among the farming community, fairly and equitable manner to reach self sufficiency in Livestock production in Northern Province..


  • Establish a healthy livestock population and take care of the ethic of the animals by enforcing all acts and regulation.

  • Increase the productivity of the livestock through improves the genetic quality of the indigenous stock.

  • Improve the knowledge of the livestock farmers through continuous education.
  • Improve the management system of the livestock.
  • Improve the institutional capacity building for better output.
  • Planning, co-ordination, monitoring, evaluation and reporting the achievement.

Contact Details

Postal Address :   # 135, Kachcheri Nallur Road, Jaffna General Telephone: 021- 221 2652 Fax No. : 021-2212652 
Designation Name  Telephone Number  Email
Director Dr.S.Vaseeharan Direct: 021-2212653 Fax: 021-2212652 Mobile: 077-3868584
Additional Provincial Director Dr.G.Ragunathan Direct: 021-2212681 Fax: 021-2212652 Mobile: 077-2487595
Subject Matter Specialist Dr(Mrs).T.Thabothini Direct: 021-2212682 Fax: 021-2212652 Mobile: 071- 8475333
Deputy Provincial Director Dr.(Mrs).S.Mahendraraja Direct: 021-3215501 Fax: 021-2212652 Mobile: 077-9013489
Deputy Director(H.Q) Dr.(Miss).F.Juliyana Direct: 021-2212654 Fax: 021-2212652 Mobile:  077-3638953
Veterinary Surgeon(H.Q) Dr.(Mrs.).A.Majura Direct: 021-2212654 Fax: 021-2212652 Mobile:  077-3433671
Accountant Mr.K.Sritharan Direct: 021-2219510 Mobile: 077-5151793
Administrative Officer Mr.K.Shanthirakumar Direct: 021-2212652 Mobile: 077-9065017
Veterinary Surgeon Dr.P.Mahadevan Direct: 021-2222173 Fax: 021-2212652 Mobile:  077-1035183
Dr(Mrs).G.K.Suganya Direct: 021-2222173 Fax: 021-2212652 Mobile:  077-7751692

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Department of Animal Production & Health