Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine and  Probation and Childcare Services.

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 Secretary (Acting)

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Northern Province Autism Policy 2017-2022 (Draft)




Contributing towards sustainable development by systematically empowering present and future human resource with physical and mental health.


  • Providing guidelines on formal financial, administration and planning to ensure performance of fulfilling the general public’s requirements with integrated Provincial Director of Health Services, Commissioner of Indigenous Medicine, and Commissioner of the Probation & Child Care.
  • Establishing a control system on financial management.
  • Preparing five years strategic plans for all Departments in the Ministry.
  • Integrated with central government Health Ministry to obtain allocation and cadre amendments.
  • Integrated with central government Health Ministry to provide scholarship for the officers, who are working in the sector.
  • Obtaining funds for the development activities from the funds providing representation institutes.
  • Obtaining funds from the donors and organizing and implementing development projects, which will be Implemented, where the people who were affected due to ethnic conflicts.
  • Implementing relevant activities to achieve the goals of the Health Centre’s and Children Homes through providing assistance and guidelines.
  • Researching the data which shall be helpful for the development work.
  • Observation and integrated progress of the western and traditional health activities.
  • To obtain departmental services successfully, using with information communication technology.

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Postal Address : Health Village, Pannai, Jaffna.

General Telephone: 021- 2220807

Fax No. : 021- 2220806


Telephone Number 
Secretary (Acting)

Mr.K. Theivendram


Direct: 0212220800
Fax: 021- 2220806
Senior Assistant SecretaryMr. S. PranavanathanDirect: 0212220809
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Mobile: 077 208 6789
 Director – PlanningMr. S.MohanabavanDirect: 0212220802
Fax: 021- 2220806
Mobile: 0773024349
Chief AccountantMr.S.KugathasDirect: 0212220801
Fax: 021- 2220806
Mobile: 0777448173
Administrative OfficerMrs. Raseetha SadacharalingamDirect: 0212220803
Fax: 021- 2220806
Mobile: 0778794937
Planning & Programme OfficerMr. G. KrishnakumarDirect: 0212220802
Fax: 021- 2220806
Mobile: 0777615341