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Dept. of Rural Development
No.340, Point Pedro Road,
Anaipanthy, Jaffna
TP:  021-3202275

Fax : 021-2057109
Mobile: 0773868568


“Enhance the rural development to actively contribute to the National Economic Growth”.


Facilitate, empower, mobilize of Rural   vulnerable people  for  socio, cultural and economic development  towards  an  improved  quality standard  of living  at the Villages in line with the national development policy of Sri Lanka.


  • Facilitating to establish and updated strengthen rural development societies for   men & women in villages of Northern Province.

  • Assisting to women empowerment and their participation in development activities through women development centers and women rural development societies.

  • Monitoring and Reviewing income generating small scale projects carried out by societies.

  • Conducting vocational training programmes in collaboration with other institutions.

  • Providing leadership and other relevant training programmes for society members and officers respectively.

  • Creating marketing facilities and networks.

  • Oversee the overall general & financial management of the Provincial, District & Divisional offices.

  • Providing financial assistance to the Societies and Women Development Centers and ensure proper utilization through reporting & review.

Contact Details

Postal Address : No.340, Point Pedro Road, Anaipanthy, Jaffna

General Telephone: 021-2057108

Fax No. : 021-2057109


DesignationName Telephone Number 
Provincial DirectorMrs.N.Inparaj Office : 021-3202275
 District Rural Development Officer – JaffnaMr.N.Panchalingam Office : 021-2227862
 e-mail :
District Rural Development Officer – KilinochchiMrs. Sunethra Suthagar Office: 021-2285069
 e-mail :
District Rural Development Officer – MullaitivuMrs.Paskaran Malini Office: 021-2290226
 e-mail :
District Rural Development Officer – VavuniyaMrs. Thenmoli Maheswaran Office: 024-2224437
 e-mail :
District Rural Development Officer – ManarMrs. Thenmoli Maheswaran Office: 023-2250104
 e-mail :