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Chief Secretary

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Performance of administrative functions and responsibilities vested in the 13th amendment to the constitution of Sri Lanka and provincial councils Act and its subsequent amendments.


  • Provide guidance to formulation, effective implementation and monitoring of annual development programmes of local nature in pursuance of the objectives of National Development Policy.
  • Guidance to formulate Annual Budget, financial control and policy direction for utilization of financial resources, introduction of accounting procedures and extension of the functions and responsibilities in the capacity of the Provincial Treasury.
  • To establish internal control system / internal auditing system in order to ensure that the activities and system of the provincial ministries and departments are conducted in an efficient and well ordered manner.
  • Ensuring smooth administrative functions of the northern provincial public service.
  • Providing guidance to formulate and Implementation of training programmes for the staff of provincial council.
  • Coordination with other provinces and the line ministries’ activities.
  • Coordination with Hon. Governor, Board of Ministries and Council activities.
  • Providing Legal consultancy services to the provincial matters.

Contact Details

Postal Address :  A9 Road, Kaithady, Jaffna.

General Telephone: 021-2220840

Fax No. : 021-2220841


Telephone Number 
Chief SecretaryMr.A.PathinathanDirect: 0212220843
Fax: 021-2220841
Asst. Chief SecretaryMr.G.EhanthanDirect:
AccountantMrs.T.ThavamannanDirect: 021-2232372 
Coordinating SecretaryMr.N.Thirugnanasampanthar  
Administrative OfficerMrs.S.KirubakaranDirect: 0212220842