DEPARTMENT of Agriculture

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Provincial Director of Agriculture

Tel: +94-212216022
Fax: +94-21-2219251
Mobile: 0777686887


Provide efficient and effective need based extension services to farming community and other needy people for optimum utilization of resources to achieve an equitable sustainable agriculture development and commercial farming for sound socio-economic development of the province.


  • Provide knowledge and skills in agricultural field to the farming community and make them to adopt improved technologies through demonstrations, field days, training, meetings, group discussions, campaigns etc.
  •  Provide agricultural training to the needy farmers in the field of agriculture in 161 AI ranges and 5 DATCs.
  •  Transform 5 DATCs as agro technological parks and maintain them.
  •  Conduct agricultural exhibitions in 5 DATCs and selected farmers’ fields.
  •  Take the farmers on field tour to research stations, training centers, other farmer’s field etc within the province and other parts of the country for educating them and create necessary attitudinal changes to adopt new technologies.
  •  Supply seeds, planting material, farm equipment, machinery, tools to the needy resettled and vulnerable farmers.
  •  Produce seeds and planting materials in the Government Seed Production Farm and through contract growing system.
  •  Establish farms and maintain in selected locations as demonstration sites and seed production units.
  •  Build up the capacity of the staff through regular in-service training with the reconstruction of In- Service Training Institute in Kilinochchi and recommencement of its training activities.
  •  Mobilize farmers as commodity based societies and support them to undertake production in commercial scale and market produce in organized manner.

Contact Details

Postal Address :   Palali Road, Tirunelveli, Jaffna

General Telephone: 021 – 2219251

Fax No. : 021 – 2219251


DesignationName Telephone Number Email
Provincial Director of AgricultureMrs.S.SenthilkumaranDirect: 0212216022
Fax: 0212219251
Mobile: 0777686887
AccountantMr.L.TharuhasanDirect: 0212219027
Fax: 0212219027
Mobile: 776153556
Administrative OfficerMrs.R.SivasorubiDirect: 0212219682
Fax: 0212219251
Mobile: 0760241790
Office of the Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture – Jaffna
Palali Road, Thirunelveley, Jaffna
Deputy Provincial Director of AgricultureMrs.S. AnchanadeviGeneral: 0212222175
Fax: 0212222175
Mobile: 0773051363
Office of the Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture – Kilinochchi
A9 Road, Kilinochchi
Assistant  Director of Agriculture(Covering)Mrs.S.JegatheeswaryGeneral: 0212285726
Fax: 0212285726
Mobile: 0773659046
Office of the Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture – Mullaitivu
Post Office Road,  Mullaitivu
 Assistant Director of Agriculture(Covering)Mrs.S.YaminiGeneral: 0212290006
Fax: 0212290006
Mobile: 0776172465
Office of the Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture – Vavuniya
Station Road, Vavuniya
Assistant Director of AgricultureMr.P.AtputhachandranGeneral: 0242222324
Mobile: 0773222441
Office of the Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture – Mannar
Uyilankulam, Mannar
Assistant Director of Agriculture(Covering)Mr.S.F.C.UthayachandranGeneral:0232222155
Fax: 0232222155
Mobile: 0714973460