Provincial Department of Probation & Childcare Services



To provide equal opportunities for unprotected children ,victims of abuse and children in conflict with the law ,while creating favorable environment for them through protection of child rights by providing legal, financial, physical and technical assistance.


  •  Ensuring the legal protection for vulnerable child.
  • Assisting the Court to make probation order.
  • Providing and facilitating the foster care system for vulnerable child.
  •  Providing rehabilitation and re-socialization of child offenders and providing vocational training for child offenders and institutionalized child.
  • Providing psycho-social support for vulnerable child.
  • Taking measures to lessen and prevent the number of children likely to breakdown in life due to poverty or other social requirements and preventing the child labor.
  • Taking very lenient and mitigated judicial actions in respect of children; and providing requisite service to needy child.


  • To take measures for the protection of victims of child abuse and to obtain court order for residential protection for orphaned or deserted child or victims of child abuse;
  • To create an awareness, of the right of a child to be protected from abuse and the methods of preventing child abuse and to conduct research relating to prevention of child abuse;
  • To take appropriate steps for securing the care and protection of needy child and to provide counseling to children not obedient to their parents, irregular to school, stubborn and engaged in anti-social activities;
  • To establish provincial, district or divisional committees and sub-committee thereof to combat the child abuse;
  • To receive complaints from the public relating to child abuse and where necessary, to refer such complaints to the appropriate authorities;
  • To provide emergency and other assistance to the child and to admit the needy child to the institutions which provide child care services;
  • To facilitate for the reunification of institutionalized children with their families and provide assistance;
  • To support and facilitate the adoption of child;
  • To hire the service of the legal professional and non-legal professional;
  • In relation to a child who is a suspect, offender or in need of care or protection;
  • To issue license or certificate to the institutions which provide child care services or to grant approval to any service and to supervise and monitor the institutions which provide child care services;
  • To charge or levy any fees for rendering service to the institutions which provide child care services;
  • To undertake the supervision of the offender and to see that the conditions stipulated in the order under Probation of offenders Ordinance No 42 of 1944 are fully and strictly observed ;
  • To visit or receive reports from the offender at such intervals as may be specified in the order, or, subject thereto, as the officer may think fit;
  • To prepare such periodical reports relating to the behavior and progress of the offender ;
  • To advise, assist and befriend the offender under his supervision, and where necessary, to Endeavour to secure employment and lodging accommodation for him;
  • To submit all such information relating to the character, antecedents, environment and mental or physical condition of the offender to the court;
  • To prepare a report to the court as to the suitability of the case for supervision under probation and as to the question whether the supervision of the offender can be undertaken by the Probation Officers;
  • To formulate necessary rules of internal administration of the Department;
  • Generally, to do all such other things as are necessary to achieve the objects of the Department. 

Contact Details

Postal Address :  Meenadchi Amman Temple Road, Pannai, Jaffna.

General Telephone: 0212057102

Fax No. :0212057103


DesignationName Telephone Number Email
CommissionerMr. Rajendram GuruparanDirect: 0212057102
Mobile: 0778612229
Asst.CommissionerMrs.Logeswary Joseph MayooranDirect:0212224782
AccountantMrs.S. NishanthiDirect:0212228321
Administrative OfficerMrs. Mythily KavinesanDirect :0212224782
Mobile: 077 423 7521
Probation Officer Head QuartersMr R. RajanDirect:0212057133
Senior Probation Officer – JaffnaMr.S.PuvanenthiranDirect:0213218494
Senior Probation Officer – MullaitivuMr.S.SivaharanDirect:0212060013
Senior Probation Officer – MannarMr.T.ManohararajahDirect:0232222081
Senior Probation Officer –
 Probation Officer in charge – KillinochchiMr.T.ParameswaranDirect:0212283824
Jaffna District   
Probation Officer Inchage – NallurMr.V.VignarajahMobile: 077 199 9337 
Probation Officer Inchage – MallakamMr.K. IndirakumarMobile: 077 612 0364 
Probation Officer Inchage –  Chavakachcheri Mr.N. SelvendraMobile: 076 284 0575 
Probation Officer Inchage – KaytsMr.P. SivagnanavelMobile: 077 104 3384 
Probation Officer Inchage – PointpedroMr.P. ChivakumarMobile: 077 401 1154 
Probation Officer – Jaffna Mrs.S. JeganMobile: 077 696 4559 
Probation Officer – KopayMr.S.  MayoorathanMobile: 077 580 5308 
Probation Officer – UduvilMrs.S. SadagopanMobile: 077 809 8733 
Probation Officer – SandilippayMrs.I.KirishaliniMobile: 077 003 2656 
Probation Officer – TellipallaiMrs.S.TharmiliMobile: 077 978 9828 
Probation Officer – ChavakachcheryMrs.M. RajarajeswaryMobile: 077 731 2229 
Probation Officer – Point-pedroMr.K. KamalathasanMobile: 077 722 2792 
Probation Officer – MaruthankernyMrs.S.AhilaMobile: 077 784 4018 
Probation Officer – VelanaiMrs. P. AnanthiMobile: 077 886 2941 
Probation Officer – KarainagarMr.S.SivabalasundaramMobile: 077 310 7572 
Probation Officer – Delft                       (Acting)Mr.S.SivabalasundaramMobile: 077 310 7572 
 Vavuniya District   
Probation Officer – CheddikulamMr.T.ThushiyanthanMobile: 071 866 1902 
Probation Officer – VavuniyaMr.R. KokulathasMobile: 077 883 6857 
Probation Officer – Vavuniya NorthMr.S. MayooranMobile: 077 392 4883 
Probation Officer – Vavuniya SouthMr.J. UshanthanMobile: 077 625 8131 
Mannar District   
Probation Officer – MadhuMr.S.RavikumarMobile: 077 131 0954 
Probation Officer – MusaliMr.D.R.P. DharmadasaMobile: 071 447 8208 
Probation Officer – MannarMr.S.JenispriyaMobile: 077 075 4609 
Probation Officer – Manthai WestMr.R. ThineshMobile: 077 646 3021 
Probation Officer – NanattanMr.T. HarishanthMobile: 077 177 8406 
Mullaithivu District   
Probation Officer – MariyanpattuMr.U. JugatheesMobile: 077 359 3735 
Probation Officer – PuthukkudiyiruppuMr.S. SatheesMobile: 077 193 2470 
Probation Officer – OddusuddanMrs.V. SureshMobile: 077 852 5387 
Probation Officer – Manthai EastMr.M.MuthukkmaranMobile: 077 370 7531 
Probation Officer – ThunukkaiMr.S.KalaichelvanMobile: 077 087 2440 
Killinochchi District   
Probation Officer Inchage – KaraichchiMrs.P.ThakkinakiniyamMobile: 071 881 8290 
Probation Officer – PoonakaryMr.A.Reginold RajMobile: 077 622 0158 
Probation Officer – KandawalaiMr.K. ManivannanMobile: 077 182 2056 
Probation Officer – PalaiMrs.M. TheepaMobile: 077 609 8987