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Mrs.S. Mohanathan


Ministry of Local Government
Kandy Road,
Sri Lanka

Tel: +94-21-205 7110
Fax: +94-21-205 7120


“Achievement of Prosperity with sustainable development through Good Governance”.


“Create and sustain the conducive and administrative environment, legal framework and Good Governance and Development to ensure norms and standards of social development of people of Northern Province.”


  • Providing leadership for good Governance and Development initiatives.
  • Providing policy guidelines on cross cutting critical matters.
  • Facilitating Provincial administration to fully explore and utilize the potentials of the 13th Amendment and Provincial Council Act.
  • Monitoring and coordinating of actors at different levels of Governance structures and harmonizing all initiatives.

Contact Details

Postal Address : A9 Road, Kaithady, Jaffna

General Telephone: 021-205 7171

Fax No. : 021-205 7120


Designation Name Direct Mobile/ Res. e-Mail
Secretary Mrs.S.Mohanathan 021-2057110 718581246
Director Planning Mr. S.Sivapala 021-2057114 773736730
Chief Accountant Mr.S. Balarajah 021-2016115 718457271
Accountant Mrs.S.Nanthakumar 021-2057112 777164746
Administrative Officer Mr.John Lowrance 021-2057113 775351317