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Ministry of Local Government
Kandy Road,
Sri Lanka

Tel: +94-21-205 7110

Fax: +94-21-205 7120


“Achievement of Prosperity with sustainable development through Good Governance”.


“Create and sustain the conducive and administrative environment, legal framework and Good Governance and Development to ensure norms and standards of social development of people of Northern Province.”


  • Institutional capacity development and good governance.
  • To provide best environment and opportunities for the people to achieve a standard of living and social status.
  • Coordination and monitoring of the activities of the agencies under the ministry.
  • Issuing guidelines and instructions to the agencies under the ministry.
  • Strengthened institutions with physical and human resources.
  • Improved small & medium scale infrastructure facilities and community development.

Subjects and Functions

  • Ensure efficient and effective office administration and effective financial management of the ministry.
  • Ensure the establishment matters such as appointment, confirmation, transfer, disciplinary and retirement of departmental staff under purview of the ministry.
  • Functioning as chief accounting officer for the departments under the ministry.
  • Coordination and facilitation of Tourism Bureau and Road Passengers’ Transport Authority of Northern Province.
  • Preparation and implementation of PSDG, CBG & Line Agencies works of the ministry.
  • Guiding to prepare the annual implementation plan for all source of funds under the institutions of the ministry and monitoring the implementation.
  • Ensure the implementation of the provision under the national audit act.
  • Coordinating the matters of local authorities referred by the commissioner of local government with Hon. Minister / Hon. Governor.
  • Preparation draft statute according to the portfolio.

 National Policy Priorities and Strategies

  • Development of Physical Resources.
  • Sustainable Environmental Management.
  • People Centric Economic Development.
  • Disciplined, Law Abiding and Values based society.
  • New Constitution that fulfills the People’s wishes.

Contact Details

Postal Address : A9 Road, Kaithady, Jaffna

General Telephone: 021-205 7171

Fax No. : 021-205 7120


Designation Name Direct Mobile/ Res. e-Mail
Secretary  Mr.R.Varatheeswaran 021-2057110    
Asst. Secretary Mr S.Kishokkumar 021-2057111 077 7947500
Director Planning Mr. S.Sivapala 021-2057114 0773736730
Chief Accountant Mrs.R.Kalaiselvi 021-2016115 0779599413  
Asst. Secretary Mr S.Subaskaran 021- 2057119 077 2370259
Accountant Mr T.Roy Julius 021-2057112 077 9683951
Administrative Officer Parameswaran Thileepan 021-2057113 0779184293