Meeting on Grand ‘Governor’s Trophy’ Competitions

On the concept of Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan, Grand ‘Governor’s Trophy’ competitions – men’s volleyball and women’s netball will be held very soon. The competitions are organized by Governor’s Secretariat along with the Department of Sports and the Department of Cultural Affairs. A meeting in this regards was held today (19) at Governor’s Secretariat.

Applications for participants of the ‘Governor’s Trophy’ competitions were reviewed at the discussion and the Governor’s Secretariat has announced the price amount for the winning clubs.

It has been decided to present Rs. 3 lakhs for champion both men’s volleyball and women’s netball, Rs. 2 lakhs for 1st runner up, Rs.1 lakh and Rs.50 thousand rupees for 2nd and 3rd runner ups.

These competitions are organized with the aim of developing the sports sector and encouraging the players of Northern Province. Governor has decided to celebrate this sports festival on a grand scale.

Director of Sports Department R. Kuruparan, Governor’s Coordinator and the leaders of the Netball and Volleyball Clubs from each district were also present at the discussion.

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