Discussion on the Inconveniences faced by Mini-bus Owners and Passengers

A discussion on the inconveniences faced by mini-bus owners and passengers was held on the advice of Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan between Secretary to the Governor, Chairman of Road Transport Authority and the key person of Northern Province Road Safety Council today (19) at Governor’s Secretariat.

The problems faced by the owners of the mini-buses in Jaffna district and the inconveniences faced by the passengers were discussed in detail.

The discussion also focused on the careless attitude of the mini-bus conductors on children and elderly people, not providing receipt or balance on a short trip, overtaking vehicles with competition and not following street signals and speed controls. It was urged at this time that mini-bus owners should comply with the provisions of the law.

This meeting was attended by the presidents of the Jaffna District Mini-Bus Associations.

– Media Unit of Northern Province Governor