International Women’s Day – 2022

International Women’s Day was celebrated with the theme of “She; The country, The Nation, The World” to encourage everyone to share responsibility through collective action for driving a gender-balanced world by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs on 08th of March, 2022 at the Conference Hall, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Northern Province.

Mrs. Rubini Varathalingam, Secretary to the Ministry of Women Affairs, Cooperative, Social Service, and Industries chaired the event.

Heads of Departments, Staff officers of the Departments and staff of the Ministry, Women Development officers of Jaffna District also participated in this Programme.

Further, 25 numbers of Emergency pack for women who affected by Gender Base Violence were handed over to Jaffna District Women Development Officer.

A documentary film regarding the livelihood improvement of vulnerable women headed families who were supported through various fund.

Presented Under a special loan scheme “Mahaleer Mahudam” which was launched in 2019 by Co-operative Department, Northern Province, to uplift the life of women headed families by revolving loan through thrift and credit cooperative societies among all five districts were issued with rupees one million from the co-operative fund.

Function brought to an end with the vote of thanks given by Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Northern Province.