Gingelly cultivation field day in Mannar district

Department of Agriculture, Mannar has been Promoting the Sesame cultivation in Mannar district with financial support from CRIWMP. In that phenomenon, 67 beneficiaries were selected, and ANKSE 4 Gingerly seed also were distributed as 0.5 acre per beneficiary. Therefore, farmer from Kalliyadipidy village under the purview of Vangiyankulam AI Range, Mr. K. Mayilkannan was selected and 1.5 Kg of gingerly seed were distributed for cultivation. Technical guidance has been provided by area AI, Mrs. J. M. Stella. The Department of Agriculture, Mannar Organized the field day for disseminating the success of gingerly cultivation among the farmer level. The field day was held on 21st of March 2024 chaired by S. F. C. Uthayachandran, Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, Mannar.

Subject matter officers, agricultural instructors, technical assistants, members of farmer organizations and neighborhood farmers also participated in this event.

Subject Matter officer, Mr. S.A.J. Lambert commented that importation of Gingerly cultivation and its nutritional value as supplementary food crop. In addition to that he described the cultivation practices and techniques which are followed on gingerly cultivation. Additionally, he explained the pest and diseases on gingerly cultivation and its control measurements for the successful cultivation.

Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, Mr. S.F.C. Uthayachandran mentioned nowadays farmers are curios to cultivate supplementary food crops. Therefore, green gram, black gram and groundnut has been cultivated in Vanchiyankulam. But the gingerly cultivation carried out in this area, in first time. In that respect, farmer Mr. R. Piritharan should be honored for his involvement in Gingerly cultivation. Likewise other farmers also should try the gingerly cultivation.

Following the comments of deputy provincial director of agriculture, farmer Mr. K. Mayilkannan mentioned pest and disease attacks occurred in gingerly cultivation in minimal level. Only two times of irrigation is sufficient to cultivation. Therefore, other famers also can cultivate gingerly without further worries.
Moreover, area agricultural instructor also provides additional information regarding gingerly cultivation and post harvesting techniques.

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