Demonstration field day of Local Red Lasoda variety of Potato

Central Department of Agriculture launch a demonstration program to find out the feasibility of potato cultivation by using 732 Kg of Local Red Lasoda variety seed potato in Maha 2023/24 in Jaffna district. The demonstrations were established in Chunnakam, Punnalaikadduvan, Neervely, Urumpirai, Puttur, Avarangal, Atchuvely and Vasavilan Agriculture Instructors’ range. Tissue culture seed potato produced at Seethaliya Research station was cultivated in farmers’ fields and produced G1 generation of seed potato which was distributed to the farmers of Jaffna for demonstration. Output of the demonstrations were disseminated to the farmers of Jaffna by conducting field days at the above 8 Agriculture Instructors ranges.

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The field days were conducted at eight Agriculture Instructors ranges chaired by Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, Jaffna. Mr. S. Satheeswaren, Director of Agriculture (Seed and Planting material) and Mrs. Suganthinini Senthilkumaran, Provincial Director of Agriculture participated as guests and delivered speech on the possibility of expand the demonstration on coming maha season.

Furthermore, Mrs. S. Kaileswaren, District Director of Agriculture, Additional Director of Agriculture (Seed and Planting material) Ms. Vathsala, Breeder of potato, Horticulture Research and Development Centre, Gannoruwa, Mrs B.Bavaleswaran, Deputy Director ,Agriculture Research Station, Thirunelvely , Mr. Jasikka, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Regional Agriculture Research and Development Centre, Kilinochchi, Respective Agrarian Development Officers, Respective Grama Niladari of the villages, staff of Divisional Secretariat Office of the divisions, Staff of Department of Agriculture and Farmers also partaken in the events.

Details of Production from the demonstrations are furnished below.

S. No Agriculture Instructors Range Extent of demonstration (Square meter) Production of demonstration (Kg) Yield


01 Puttur 500 1139 22.78
02 Avarangal 375 850 22.660
03 Vasavilan 500 850 17
04 Neervely 500 1050 21
05 Urumpirai 375 1050 28
06 Chunnakam 500 975 19.5
07 Punnalaikadduvan 375 920 24.5
08 Atchuvely 375 1070 28.53
  Average yield     22.92

Average yield of 22.9 mt/ha obtained from the demonstration is higher than the present average yield of potato cultivation in Jaffna district. This variety is being found as a suitable variety for all Agriculture Instructors’ ranges. Additionally, the tubers harvested at 60 – 65 days is seem to be acceptable smooth surface also is desirable character for its promotion in Jaffna district.

Moreover, Mr. S. Satheeswaren, Director of Agriculture (Seed and Planting material) agreed to issue 30 percent of the seed potato for coming maha season for the potato cultivation in Jaffna District.

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