Discussion with Rural Development Societies held in Madhu Division

A discussion with the Rural Development Societies and Women Rural Development Societies functioning in Madhu DS division was held on 19th May 2022 at Divisional Secretariat, Madhu. The meeting was chaired by the Divisional Secretary of Madhu division Mr.B.Nijaharan

Mr.L.Ilaangovan – Secretary to the Ministry of Local Government, Mr.Patrick Diranjan – Commissioner of Local Government, Eng.K.P.Sivanesan – Provincial Director of Road Development, Mr.R.Sasselan – Director of Rural Development, Mr.K.Maheswaran – Assistant Commissioner of Land Administration and staff from the Ministry, Road Passenger Transport Authority and Tourism Bureau also participated at the meeting.

The future plans which are planned by the Rural Development Societies, present situations in providing entrepreneur activities and issues faced by them were discussed at the meeting.

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