Discussion on Financial Management Practices

A discussion on the financial management practices of the departments under the purview of Northern Province was held on 18 November 2020 at the Governor’s Secretariat of the Northern Province. Governor of Northern Province Hon. Mrs. PSM Charles chaired this meeting.

The discussion focused on the shortcomings in the financial management practices of the departments and the reasons for their occurrence.

Commenting on this, the Hon. Governor instructed them to develop an online Centralized Financial Monitoring System to address the practical problems in the financial management of the departments and thereby carry out financial transfer activities. She also said that a report should be submitted within a month on the shortcomings and problems in the current financial transfer activities.

She inquired whether all the Secretaries and Accountants of the Departments were carrying out their duty according to their duty lists. She also urged them to supervise and ensure financial management activities. The Hon. Governor said that while assigning the duties to an officer, it should be taken into consideration the experience of the officer and the nature of his past work.

In connection with the problems in the field of education, she said that a committee should be set up to repair the toilets in the schools and that a small fee should be collected from the parents of the students to cover the cost of cleaning (Maintenance expenses).

In addition, it was emphasized to focus on the nutrition, physical, mental eye, and oral health of rural students,  The teachers should monitor students’ eye health status. The training on eye health will be provided by regional physicians to teachers.

Secretary to the Governor, Chief Secretary of Northern Province, Heads of Departments, Chief Accountants and Auditors also attended this meeting.