Women’s Contribution should be equal after the war too – Governor

“The contribution of women in all fields is significant. The role of women must be equal not only in wartime but also in the warless time”

An event to re-launch the Girl Guiding in the Northern Province on the International Day of Girl Child was held at Jaffna Muttraveli Ground on 12th October 2019. While participating in the event as Chief Guest, Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan mentioned above.

In South Asia, especially Hinduism, female deities are much worshiped. Especially in the form of Ardhanarishvara, the female deity has been given equal status. My wish is all you need to focus on the entire field, particularly the areas where we have failed to give equality. My understanding is, in Sri Lanka, we should give little more than equal (52%) to the women in our population.

We are the first country that produced the first woman Prime Minister in the world. The first Opposition Leader was also a woman. We had a woman President and a Chief Justice. The first Noble Prize nominee was also a woman. The first university entry to the UK University from Sri Lanka was a woman. We have many successful women.

“Make your life more useful. Don’t waste your time on Facebook. Go to libraries and read books. Spend at least 20 minutes on books. Books are the best guide in the world.” He also added.

There are many who seek help in this society. They need your help. Try to find and help them. Treat yourself with righteousness. Because a society that does not seek justice not be sustained.

– Media Unit of Northern Province Governor