‘Voice of North’ – A Musical Contest to be held under the direction of the Governor

Under the direction of Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan, ‘Voice of North 2019’ – A musical contest is to be conducted by Governor’s Secretariat along with Provincial Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.

This contest is organized as per the conceptualization of Governor of Northern Province to encourage the youths who aspire to achieve in the field of music. Youths who are between15 to 25 years old can participate in this contest.

The competition will be held based Tamil culture comprising classical music, melody and folk songs. Those who are interested in participating in this competition are requested to send their applications before September 12, 2019. Application forms can be obtained from the Governor’s Secretariat and the Northern Provincial Council website (https://np.gov.lk).

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Duly filled applications should be sent to “Voice of North”, Governor’s Secretariat, Northern Province, Chundikuli, Jaffna.

For further details contact the telephone number: 021 221 9375, Fax No: 021 221 9374 and email at pronpgovernor@gmail.com.

Click here to download the application form

– NP Governor’s Media.