The Report on the Windmill Project should be uploaded on the NPC website – Governor

Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan said that the report on benefits and environmental and social impacts of the windmill projects in Northern Province should be uploaded on the Northern Provincial Council website for the view of the public.

A discussion in this regard was held at Governor’s Secretariat on 24th September 2019 between Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan, people’s representatives of Maravanpulavu village, the officials from Ceylon Electricity Board, and the officials from Urban Development Authority.

Governor participated in this discussion through digital communication and said above.

The representatives of the Maravanpulavu people have requested the Governor to take steps to set up these windmills in the non-residential areas from Kerativu to Thanankilappu.

The Governor mentioned that the Pradeshiya Sabha should inform to Governor’s Secretariat regarding the violations in the report prepared for it by next Friday.

The project should be reviewed whether it has scientific benefits; it has been approved by Northern Provincial Council or Central Government; and there were some activities contrary to the plan mentioned in the document. The following matters where the approval has to be obtained for the project, who have approved so far and violated matters will be monitored. The Governor also stated that the document containing the main benefits of the project should be submitted.

A committee consisting of three members; one on behalf of the people, one on behalf of the Ceylon Electricity Board and one on behalf of the Governor will be formed to monitor these activities.

A document signed by the people of the Maravanpulavu against the construction of the windmill station was presented to the Secretary to the Governor by the representatives.

The Governor said that the next discussion on this would be held on the 8th of October and assured that a final decision would be taken at this meeting.

The officials from the Central Environment Authority, Urban Development Authority, Chairman and Secretary of Chavakachcheri Pradeshiya Sabha, the officials from Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management Department and Police officials also participated in this discussion.

– Media Unit of Northern Province Governor