The MACE which is the symbol of the office of democratic authority that represents the administration of Justice and the eternal law of the cosmos. The MACE has been crafted in such a manner as to reflect the culture and traditions of the Northern province over which it exercises authority. It is 45 inches long and could be handled with ease.

In conformity with traditional prescription the mace is composed of a milky tree i.e. margosa and the other varieties of timber that have been included in the craftsmanship are palmyrah, eucalyptus, morinda and ebony which belong to the flora of the Northern province.

The base is 2.1 inch in circumference and is artistically crafted in brass. The figure of the entwined cobra appearing on it represents the Naga ancestors who were the first known human beings who occupied Sri Lanka. This also depicts wealth, prosperity and fertility. This is 2.5 inches in circumference. The unity of the races is reflected by the combination of the lines crafted on it.

The five different metals (panchaloha) namely brass, silver, iron, copper and gold have gone into its making. The three different lines appearing above the entwined cobra figures are crafted artistically by use of brass, sliver and iron respectively.

The MACE also potrays sheaves of paddy which is the staple diet of the people of the North. It also depicts wealth and prosperity.

The three petals which appear on the top are 3 inches in circumference and represent the four religions that are followed in Sri Lanka. On the top of it the figure of the Sun appears on a square platform. The Sun is found on the official flag of the Northern province and this represents brightness in the administration of the Northern Province which is totally free of discrimination. This is crafted in copper and is coated with gold. On both sides of this figure you find the timber varieties of morinda, ebony, palmyrah and eucalyptus joined together.

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This is 2.5 inches in circumference and represents the five districts of the Northern province. The upper portion of it is 6 inches in circumference and tapers towards the top. The leaf of the all yielding plant called “katpahatharu” (in Hindu mythology) represents the Northern province. The “katpahatharu” which stands erect on the Crown of the Mace represents a fair and just rule. The “valampuri conch” is crafted on the crown of the mace.

Handling of The Mace

According to conventions the Sessions of the Assembly cannot be conducted in the absence of the Mace. The Mace will have to be in its proper position when the sessions of the Assembly commences and this is strictly observed. When the Chairman enters the Assembly Hall (Chamber) the Sergeant – at -arms carries the Mace and while he moves forward the Chairman follows him towards his Chair.

When the Chairman takes his seat the Mace is kept on the place reserved for it. When the sessions are adjourned the Sergeant – at – arms will carry the Mace and walk ahead followed by the Chairman. It is necessary that the Mace when it is kept in front of the Chair of the Chairman it should be laid in such a manner that the Valam-puri (spiral) of the Conch is on the rightside of the Chairman Assembly. There are two platforms for keeping the Mace one at a slightly higher level and the other at a slightly lower level. When the Chairman takes his seat the Mace is kept on the higher platform and when he leaves his seat to preside during committee sessions, the Mace is kept at the lower platform.