The Governor has requested the Minister of Agriculture to take steps to ensure that the farmers of Northern Province are paid according to their labor

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Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has said that necessary measures have been taken to provide fertilizers to all the farmers engaged in cultivation this year in the Northern Province.
Also, he said that the Department of Agriculture will provide maximum support not only to rice but also to crops including vegetables and fruits in the Northern Province.
Speaking on the occasion, the Honorable Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles said that the agricultural activities of Northern Province contribute a lot to the domestic production of the country and many programs are being implemented to improve the livelihood.
In this discussion, the problems faced by the farmers of Jaffna district were discussed and the minister gave instructions to the relevant authorities regarding the issues that can be solved immediately and said that steps will be taken to solve other problems immediately.
Compensation, Agricultural Protection Fund and Farmers’ Pensions were also given on this occasion to the farmers who suffered crop damage due to drought in the past.
In this event, people’s representatives, North Province Chief Secretary Mr. Saman Bandulasena, Government Agent of Jaffna District, and representatives of agriculture organizations attended.