Northern Province Governor taken actions to fulfill the needs of the differently abled people.

A discussion was held at the Governor’s Secretariat on 16.10.2023 to take forward the best plans to fulfill the needs of differently-abled persons. The Secretary of the Governor of Northern Province, the Secretary of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Northern Province, Social Services Department officers and officials, Medical Officers, Executive Officers and Persons with Disabilities participated in the discussion which was held under the leadership of the Honorable Governor of Northern Province Mrs. P.S.M. Charles.
In this discussion, a draft policy for inclusion of persons with disabilities was submitted to the Governor by the Department of Social Services. In this regard, issues related to career guidance, employment, accessibility, health needs transportation etc for the differently abled were presented. The Governor, who heard about it, said that she would take these issues into consideration and convey this to the President’s Secretary. She also said that we should work with more dedication towards disabled people.