Permanent Appointments to Development Officers

The event to offer permanent appointments to 361 graduates who were recruited into the public service in 2019 and appointed as graduate trainees in the offices of the Northern Provincial Council was held today 19 April 2021 at 3.30 pm at the Conference Hall of the Governor’s Secretariat under the chairmanship of the Hon. Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles. They have been appointed as Development Officers in the offices of Northern Province.

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The event was attended by the Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Governor, Assistant Secretary to the Governor, Deputy Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Provincial Public Service Commission, Heads of Departments, and newly appointed Development Officer Service.

Addressing the gathering as the Chief Guest, the Hon. Governor said that several appointments have been made for graduates and diploma holders this year as per the His Excellency the President’s policy plans. She also said that these appointments have also been made on the basis of the need for public service.

The Hon. Governor further said that unlike the previous times the needs of all types of people are now being addressed. However, there is no change in people’s mindsets. These appointments are made on the basis of the service requirement of the Provincial Council. Only those with special needs have been offered appointments to the nearest places on a temporary basis. Therefore, all development officers should be prepared to serve the people of the North better by preparing the mindset to consider the opportunity to serve in their own province.