Notice for Livestock Farmers

Under Animal Act No 29 of 1958 all categories of Livestock Farmers should be registered their farms   (Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Pig and Poultry) in Veterinary offices of Dept of Animal Production and Health.

The application forms (Farm registration Form, Cattle identification – Schedule 07) are available in the Veterinary offices.

Advantages of Farm registration

  1. Confirm the ownership of Farms/ Animals
  2. Facilitate to select beneficiary for Government and NGO projects.
  3. Facilitate to take decision to pay compensation to any lost ( Eg ;- Flood ,Contagious disease, etc )
  4. Facilitate to get loan in Bank
  5. Facilitate to insure the Livestock.
  6. Facilitate to vaccinate against Contagious diseases and to treat the sick animals
  7. Facilitate to sell and transport the animal.
  8. Prevent to theft animal and identify the stolen animal.
  9. Facilitate to get Livestock statistical Data Island wide

The cattle owners can get schedule 07 application form from their range Veterinary offices from January 01 st  to January 31 st , for cattle identification and handover the dully filled forms to that particular office. All cattle above 18 month of age should be tagged and Rs. 20.00 for each cattle voucher will be charged by Government as service charge. Cattle voucher will be issued by Govt.Veterinary Surgeon to each tagged cattle.

Cattle identification programme will be implemented from 1 st of February to 31st of October.
If fail to do legal action can be made under Animal Act No 29 of 1958.
So our Department Kindly requesting all livestock farmers to co-operate and get this service without delay.

Provincial Director
Department of Animal Production & Health
Northern Province

Registration of livestock farm, Northern Province
Animal Record Book
Cattle Voucher
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