My first priority is education until the last minute as a Governor

The culture of Northern Province always gives top priority to education. But today we have fallen. As the result, Jaffna ranked 22nd place in the island and Northern Province is the 6th place. We all have to work together to rebuild and regain our educational tradition. I will give first priority to education until the last minute as a Governor.

The launching ceremony of the book titled “Career Guidance and Counseling Manual for Students and Youths” published by Northern Provincial Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs was held on 28th February 2019 at Jaffna Chundikuli Girls College under the chairmanship of Governor of Northern Province Dr. Suren Raghavan.

In his address, the Governor said that education is a social activity. It is community involvement and social visionary. Civilization will only grow through education. Hence we have given a new dimension to education through this event. We have to register many benefits in history through education.

We spend about 60 percent of the budget for the Northern Province for education. The Governor also pointed out that the students should not only go to the universities but also enter in the vocation sectors.

Education should be the path to service.  I believe this effort will lead to that. Governor said.

This book has been published to improve the vocational skills of students and youth. This book contains information on how to get vocational training for students after completing schooling.

The guide was also published on the Internet by the Governor.