Malaysian delegation calls on Governor

A delegation from Malaysia visited Jaffna and called on Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles on 25th January 2020.

Their discussion focused on various development activities. The pros and cons of the Board of Investment were discussed in detail here.

They asked many things about the plans that can be carried out with the special powers of the Governor’s office. They also asked to know what kinds of projects in the North have the potential for investment. The Malaysian delegation also stated that they are interested in a variety of business and service-oriented activities.

When they spoke about the plan to introduce the modern facility of getting clean drinking water using atmospheric moisture to the people of the North, the Governor said that there is a possibility to have necessary facilities for the project at Atchuvely Industrial Estate and advised the relevant to speed up their proposals and regulations for it.

A number of ideas have been proposed here to improve the variety of facilities through the airport in the north. They informed the Governor that they would be willing to provide short term training with expert English teachers to the youths in the field of tourism and hospitality management and guide them to find good jobs in the fastest growing sectors in the world.