Impact of Covid 19 disease outbreak on Economy of the Country and Food Security

This is to notify that the curfew has been in effective in entire Jaffna district from 20th March, 2020 to control the spread of the Corona Virus. As Agriculture Sector is declared as an “Essential Service” by the Government in order to ensure the Food Securit we want to make sure we can keep producing and be ready for when it all kicks back up again. At this juncture, it is essential to timely supply of required seeds and planting materials to establish crops by farmers to protect the food supply chain in Jaffna district.

The necessary activities are being taken by the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with Central Department of Agriculture (Seeds & Planting Materials), Seed Production Co-Operative Society of Jaffna Peninsula (Seed Co), YFC, Karainagar and Onion True Seeds Producers Society to promote Home Garden Development and selected Field Crops (OFCs) as a Resilience Building Measure to mitigate the impact of Covid 19 disease outbreak on Economy of the Country and Food Security.  The Vegetable Seeds( Mae, Keerai, Okra, Bitter gourd, Tomato, Brinjal), Potted plants of Brinjal and Tomato, Onion true seeds, OFC seeds (Green gram, Ground nut, Finger millet,Chilli) and Manioc planting material were sold to the famers and other categories of intended clients.

Mobile sales activities were carried out the following Agriculture Instructor Ranges of Jaffna District

Date Agriculture Instructor Range No.of beneficiaries received seeds Seeds Distributed among beneficiaries
10.04.2020 Charvakachcheri 72 Mae



Bitter gourd



Ground nut

Green gram


Manioc Cuttings

Mushroom Spawn

11.04.2020 Tellipalai 128
11.04.2020 Nallur 85

Tholpuram&Vaddukoddai 330

Puttur&Atchchuvely 220

Urumpirai&Neervely 148

Kaithady 58

Uduvil 65

Karaveddy&Puloly 55
22.04.2020 Velanai&Kayts 120



Sales Activities of Seed Co.

The following seeds materials have supplied by the Seed Co to the farmers, Government Employees and General public in order to establish the Home Gardens and commercial level cultivation of vegetables and OFCs.


Seeds Distributed Amount Seeds Distributed Amount
Long bean 79.61kg Brinjal 6.53kg
Okra 74.14kg Chilli 24.95kg
Bitter gourd 26.19kg Bushitavo 50g
Tomato 10.835kg Water melon 20g
Snake gourd 06kg Black gram 60kg
Pumpkin 2.5kg Maize 05kg
Amaranthas 43.70kg Gingerly 26kg
Beans 60kg Sun hemp 21kg
Capsicum 2kg