Governor’s Special Press Release

Intensive measures have been taken to control the spread of coronavirus in all the five districts of the Northern Province. The navy is engaged in special patrols to prevent intruders, especially in the Northern Province.

People who live in the coastal area (or anyone) are requested to report to the nearest public health officers or police station if anyone trespasses or breaks into such coastal protection.

It is essential for those who made visits from out-districts to subject themselves to self-quarantined. Meantime, if any different signs found, it is advisable to immediately involve themselves in medical examinations.

PCR tests are efficiently carried out at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital and the University of Jaffna. Therefore, the public can subject themselves to tests without any fear or suspicion.

Moreover, the public should also avoid going out unnecessarily as much as possible. It is necessary to follow the three things: wearing masks, using hand sanitizer fluid, and keeping social distance.

Every citizen of the North must behave with social responsibility. Police and Public Health Officers also need to pay special attention to places where the public gathers.

It is necessary to follow the defined rules during cultural events. It is also important that impartial action will be taken against those who deliberately create shortages of essential commodities.

Hon. Governor Mrs. P.S.M. Charles

Northern Province.