Review Meeting of Northern COVID- 19 Eradication Task Force

A review meeting on the risk of COVID-19 virus infection in the Northern Province was held on 04 November 2020 at 10 am in the auditorium of the Governor’s Secretariat under the chairmanship of the Hon. Mrs. PSM Charles, Governor of the Northern Province.

Chief Secretary of Northern Province Mr.A.Pathinathan, Secretary to the Governor Mrs. S.Mohanathan, District Secretaries of all five districts, District Army Commander, Police and Navy Commander also attended this meeting.

The Hon. Governor said that we need to determine the ways in which our country’s economic activities can be carried out with ease by following the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. As well as Grama Niladharis in all Divisional Secretariat Divisions, the Health Sector and the Police should work together to implement awareness activities related to Covid 19 health guidelines in proper ways.

She also instructed the relevant officials to prepare a common plan regarding the method of disposing of hospital wastes and to conduct awareness campaigns among students regarding the health activities of Covid 19. Also, it is mandatory to display the vehicle registration number inside public and private buses. This will help the passengers to easily mark the number of the bus while traveling. The number of road accidents in the Northern Province is now much lower than in the past and road safety measures are being enforced legally. She expressed her appreciation to the police for better implementation.

When inquired about the dengue protection measures in the districts of Northern Province, Provincial Director of Health, Dr. Ketheeswaran said that the spread of dengue was under control in all districts.

She also emphasized that strict legal action will be taken against illegal sand excavations and drug trafficking.