District Coordinating Committee Meeting – Vavuniya District

Vavuniya District Coordinating Committee Meeting was held on 18 December 2020 at 2.00 pm at the District Secretariat Auditorium under the chairmanship of the Hon. Mrs. PSM Charles, Governor, Northern Province.

Parliamentarian for the Wanni District and Co-Chairman of the Coordinating Committee Hon. K.Thileepan, Other Parliamentarians Wanni District, Additional Government Agent of Vavuniya District, Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Governor, Secretaries to the Ministries of the Northern Province, Chairmen of Vavuniya District Local Authorities, Divisional Secretaries, Heads of Northern Provincial Departments, Police Officials and the officers of the Vavuniya District Secretariat were also present at the discussion.

Commenting on the inaugural event, the Hon. Governor said that this is the 2nd discussion to be held this year on the plans submitted by the District Government Agent. She pointed out that the issues raised at the previous meeting were discussed with top officials and had received the review report and observed it, but any notable actions have not been taken on the decisions taken. The general public expects the implementation of resolutions from their people’s representatives. Therefore, the Hon. Governor urged the Heads of the relevant departments to take action to implement the resolutions.

The discussion also focused on COVID 19 issues, worst climatic situation, education, health, agriculture, fisheries, cattle farming, road development, housing schemes, Peraru reservoir project, land permits, and the hospital building construction works the district.

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