Distribution of Dry Food to Malnutrition Pregnant Mothers

As per the initiation of the Hon. Governor, Northern Province, the guidance of Chief Secretary, Northern Province and the support and recommendation of Nutritionists, Department of Health, among the fishermen families from 22 MOH divisions in the four districts (Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mannar and Mullaitivu), Northern Province, dry food packages – 1st phase were distributed to 924 numbers of malnutrition pregnant mothers and feeding mothers (1-6 months) for improving their children’s healthiness for two weeks by Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Northern Province on 20th July 2022 and 21st July 2022. The inauguration programme was held in Nallur MOH office.

Secretary, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Northern Province chaired this event and Chief Secretary was invited as Chief Guest and Provincial Director, Department of Health, Northern Province  Medical Officer, Nallur were invited as Special Guests. Further, Assistant Secretary, Chief Account and staff Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Northern Province participated in this event.