Discussion with Hotel and Restaurant Owners in the Northern Province

A discussion with the owners of hotels and restaurants in the Northern Province was held on 02nd December 2020 at the Secretariat of the Governor of the Northern Province under the chairmanship of Hon. Governor Mrs. PSM Charles.

Secretary to the Governor, Assistant Secretary to the Governor, Secretary of Provincial Health Ministry, Provincial Director of Health Services, Chairman of Northern Province Tourism Bureau also attended this meeting.

The owners of hotels and restaurants informed the Hon Governor about the problems in operating the hotels and restaurants in the situation of covid-19 pandemic and the lack of clarity regarding the legal procedures to be followed. The Governor instructed the relevant authorities to prepare a report on the legal procedures to be followed during the covid-19 period and clearly instruct the hotel and restaurant owners. She also said that the public health inspectors should not follow any procedures other than national legal procedures.

She also reminded them that during this prevailing situation in the country, ceremonies in the halls have been banned till further notice. She also reminded the lack of funds in the government, the amount the government spends on those infected with covid-19 and those in isolation, and urged everyone to follow national legal procedures and act with responsibilities.