Discussion regarding the efficiency of Agro Meteorological Advisory Dissemination for Yala, 2020 in Vavuniya District

A gathering between staff of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Vavuniya and the staff of the PALM foundation has been arranged at DATC, Muruganoor on 14.08.2020 to review the progress and to get feedback from field level officers regarding agro meteorological advisory dissemination in District level. This advisory services is being carried out to help the famers to plan their cultivation based on expected weather condition in the region.

This agro meteorological information is disseminated through Natural Resource Management Center, Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya and it conveyed to farming community through printed materials (leaflets), meetings and mobile alert systems as the latest approach. Since this is the end of Yala season this session has been arranged to discuss about the efficiency of the system, how far the information is being spread in the field level, to what extent it is utilized by the farmers and the things that have to be adopted or changed in future.