Discussion on Easy Payment Scheme and Loan Scheme for Agriculture

A discussion between the Governor of the Northern Province Hon. Mrs. P.S.M. and all the Regional Bank Managers on the Easy Payment Scheme and Credit Scheme for Agriculture was held at the Secretariat of the Governor of the Northern Province on 20 November 2020 at 11 am.

The discussion was attended by the Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Governor, Coordinating Secretary, Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, Director of Agriculture, Northern Province, Government Agents, Regional Bank Managers and other relevant officials.

During the discussion, the Hon. Governor questioned about the problems faced by the small entrepreneurs when getting agriculture loans from banks and unwanted time delays. All regional managers said that there was no such procedure in the banks when it was asked whether the guaranteed signature should be obtained from a government official and it could be obtained without delay when submitting the relevant applications and documents properly.

She advised all the banks to select each village per district individually, identify the self-employed in the village, identify their needs, and guide them to develop the village economically. She also asked the bank managers to conduct discussions with government officials and village farmers when selecting villages.