Discussion on Development Plans Of Education Sector, Northern Province.

Special Review Discussion on Development Plans Of Education Sector was held on 10th of June 2021 at 9.30 am at Governor’s Secretariat under the Chairmanship of Governor of the Northern Province Hon.Mrs.P.S.M Charles. The Chief Secretary of the Northern Province, the Secretary to the Governor, Assistant Secretary to the Governor, the Secretary to the Education sector, Provincial Director of Education Sector, and the staff from Education, Arts, Cultural Affairs and Sports were also present at the discussion.

The current status of the ongoing projects in pre-allocated funds and the issues faced by the contractors and plans of the future project works were discussed in detail at the discussion. While commenting on the session, the Hon. Governor advised the respective authorities to obtain the funds before 31st of July to complete the continuous works and terminate the project works even if they fail to complete them within the time frame. Further, Hon. Governor advised to commence the new development projects within the next three weeks and to discuss the issues with the contractors of the particular projects before initiating them and instructed the relevant authorities to take personal concern and monitor in order to ensure the availability of raw materials and make maximum use of received funds.

Further, Hon. Governor instructed the respective authorities to submit the proposals of the project works for the year 2022, this year, and if there any changes in the proposals they should be submitted within one month.