Discussion on the Annual Development Plans of the Ministry of Health

A discussion on the development plans to be carried out with the allocation of funds in the year 2021 was held on 09 June 2021 at 2.30 pm in the Governor’s Conference Hall under the chairmanship of Hon. Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles. The discussion was attended by the Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Governor, Assistant Secretary to the Governor, Provincial Director of Health Services, and departmental officials.

Uplifting the living standard of children with special needs was discussed. Hon. Governor said that a large amount of money is being spent by the NGOs on teachers’ personality development training in the Northern Province and there is no need to spend such large sums of money and advised to use the funds for the development activities of children with special needs.

Further, under the provisions of the Electronic Transaction Act No. 19 of 2006 4 and its Amendment No. 25 of 2017, it was advised to carry out all public enterprise activities through electronic media (online payment, electronic signatures, electronic payment, electronic receipt) during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

The Director of Health and the Secretary of Health were instructed to keep a close watch on the development projects being carried out and to prioritize the construction of buildings such as doctor’s quarters, nurses’ quarters, and wards, especially in the areas of Tellippalai and Kayts.  She also said that plans for this year should be made before October to receive the financial allocations.

Hon. Governor instructed the relevant authorities to allow the hardware shops to open only for a limited period of time for the contractors to purchase the raw materials, as it was pointed out that the work would be delayed due to the difficulties faced by the building contractors in procuring the raw materials for the construction work during the current travel restriction period.