Discussion on Annual Development Plans

Discussion on the development plans of the Ministries and Departments of the Northern Province and their financial allocations was held under the patronage of the Hon. Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles on 15 March 2021 at 9.30 am in the Conference Hall of the Northern Province Health Department.

The discussion was attended by the Cabinet Secretary, the Chief Secretary, the Secretary to the Governor, the Secretaries to the Ministries of the Northern Provinces, the Coordinating Secretary to the Governor, and the Heads of all Departments.

They discussed the sectoral plans of all the sectors including housing development, infrastructure, agriculture, education, health, and rural development, and the financial allocations required for them in detail.

The Hon. Governor, while commenting on the development of tourism, said that the last several months have seen a decline in tourism due to the Covid-19 epidemic. In this context, she advised identifying the existing attractive tourist spots and develop them as well as carry out road developments instead of starting new projects.

The main drawback is that the government does not follow a proper settlement policy despite allocating funds for various development activities. i.e., the permanent residence of the people is located in one place and their livelihood activities are carried out in another place. We received many complaints in this regard. As the result, the investment cost is found to be low.

In the education sector, there is a shortage of teachers in rural schools. There are other some problems such as the lack of proper toilet facilities for students in schools and the shortage of doctors and nurses in rural hospitals. She advised all departmental heads to re-examine the requirements found in the relevant plans and include additional demands as required.