All Private Tuition Centres must be registered – Governor ordered

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Governor Dr. Suren Raghavan has ordered to all private tuition centres in the Northern Province to register within a month.

Accordingly, the proprietors of all the private educational institutions functioning in the Northern Province should register their tuition centres with complete information of the centres and the complete details of the land and the location of the centers before the 04th March 2019 in the Provincial Ministry of Education which is located at Semmani Road, Nayanmarkaddu, Nallur.

The sample application form can be downloaded from the official website of the Northern Province ( since 05th February 2019 and further information can be obtained through Telephone No. 0212231343 of the Ministry of Education of Northern Province.

Meanwhile, the banners, billboards and hoarding boards, which are recently installed in the towns and the proximity of the cities of the Northern Province, should include the registration number on them. So far, the companies who installed the boards or banners without including registration numbers should take actions within two weeks to appear the registration number on them.

“The boards and banners whose display-period ended must be removed by the relevant agencies within two weeks. Legal action will be taken against those who do not follow the instructions.” Governor said.

To download the Application Forms Click Here:

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2. Sinhala

3. English