Agriculture Exhibition – 2020

An Agriculture Exhibition has been planned to be held at the District Agriculture Training Center, Vaddakachchi in Kilinochchi District on 1st & 2nd of October 2020 at 9.00 am to 5.0 pm towards the theme of “Self-Reliant Agriculture Economic Development”.

At the first day of this Exhibition Hon.K.N.Dougles Devananda, Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources will participate as the Chief Guest and will ceremonially inaugurate the function. On the 2nd day Hon.Governor, Northern Province Mrs.P.S.M.Charles will grace the event as Chief Guest.

The technologies listed below are to be exhibited in this exhibition.

·  Agriculture Information Center ·  Forest conservation
·  Mushroom Production · Post-Harvest technology
·  Bee Keeping · Nursery establishment Technology
·  Protected Agriculture in Poly Net House ·  Vegetable Cultivation in Alley Cropping
·  Usage of sustainable energy for Irrigation ·  Healthy Food Habits
·  Hydroponics ·  Plant Protection activities
·  High Density Guava Cultivation ·  Organic Garden
·  Local Vegetable Cultivation ·  Herbal garden
·   Technologies in Other Field Crop Production ·  Technology for the efficient usage of Ground water
·   Commercial scale Compost Production ·    Technologies in Floriculture
·   Spice crops ·  Seed Certification and Laboratory Services
·   Pine apple cultivation under Mango Plantation ·    Functions of the Granary Ware Houses
·   Murunga as cash crop ·  Palmyrah based products and activities
·   Commercial scale Value addition technologies for food products ·  Crop Clinic
·   High Density Mango Plantation ·  Crop Research activities
·  Inter cropping under Coconut Cultivation ·  Coconut Cultivation
·    Agronomic Practices for quality fruit production ·   Animal Production
·  Urban Home gardening ·   Animal Husbandry advises, treatment & sales of medicine
·   Efficient land use management in fruit cultivation ·  Aqua culture
·  Good Agriculture Practices ·  Cashew cultivation
·  Usage of Farm Machinery ·  Technologies for Quality Yam Cultivation
·    Potted Agriculture ·  Paddy cultivation Technologies
·  Export Agriculture


• Agriculture Publications
• Fruit Plants, Coconut, tree plants, other floricultural & Ornamental plants
• Vegetable seeds, Quality Vegetable
• Traditional foods
• Value added food products
• Products displayed by Agric culture related Private companies for sale

Farmers, Members of the Farmer’s Organization, Farm woman Organizations, Young Farmers’ club, Rural Development Society and other village level Organizations, School students and Teachers, Government Officers and the staff from other Organizations, well-wishers, Public are kindly invited to participate in the Agriculture Exhibition.