Academic Measures for Students in Northern Province in Corona Pandemic Situation

Schools have been closed inevitably due to the Corona Pandemic. In order to rectify problems regarding academic measures, it has been directed by the Government for the schools to be closed and staff to work from home. Accordingly, discussion on this was held among the Secretary/ Ministry of Education/NP, Provincial Director of Education, and other relevant officials on 2020.03.20. As per the decision made at the discussion, the measures carried out are as follows:

With the aim of inducing student to get vast knowledge and developing skills, Northern Provincial Education Department provide assignment, sample learning cards and self learning video clips on the website

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During the closure of school, students have been instructed to do the assignment and submit them to the relevant subject teacher when school reopens.

Assignments, sample learning cards, past papers, unit wise exercises including exam papers and self learning video clips have been posted in both Tamil and Sinhala medium.

Art and creative activities related to mental health have been included in order to improve the creative skills and keep the children entertained at home.

Aiming the students who are sitting for the General Exams, special model papers, field work center’s model paper, video clips for A/L students by famous teachers and hand outs have been inserted.

All learning materials prepared by Line Ministry, National Institution of Education, Provincial Ministry of Education, Provincial Department of Education, Zonal Director office, schools and other non-government organizations have been facilitated to obtain via websites under the guidance of our subject wise Additional Directors of Education.

A Couple of online discussions and one over the telephone was held among staff of Provincial Ministry of Education, Provincial Department of Education and Zonal Director office, in order to move to the next level on this process and encourage the students to occupy with these learning materials.

E-management system is followed by using WhatsApp and Viber groups.

Principal and teachers were grouped zonal wise on WhatsApp & Viber and they are guided by zonal directors, deputy directors and assistant directors of education.

Similarly, school teachers have formed groups for each grade individually and delivered these self learning         e-documents, short notes prepared by themselves and question papers. Only some schools have engaged in this prompt action. And also relevant parties make efforts at zonal level to implement this strategy at other school.

In addition, efforts are given to telecast the learning activities (which is to be either broadcast or telecast by the line ministry) through local channels of Jaffna district e.i Dan TV, DD TV & cable connection

As a next step of this measure, pilot activities to provide self learning handouts have been initiated.

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