Meeting regarding Road Safety held at Governor’s Secretariat

A meeting regarding Road Safety was held at Governor’s office under the patronage of Northern Province Governor Mrs. P.S.M.Charles on the 14th of February 2020.

Senior Police Officers of the Northern Province, High officials in Northern Province Road Development and Road Safety, Doctors and private and public transport union elites, Divisional Secretaries and other relevant officers were present

The discussion was headed by Dr.T.Gobyshanger (Chairman Northern Road Safety Council). The strategy programme was designed on the previous study and the activities held during the road safety week held last year.

Recommended Actions by the RTA study

Activities recommended to implement as short term measures to reduce the negative impacts of the RTA in the Northern Province ;

  • Cattle control
    • The local authority along with the veterinary department has been instructed to identify the owners and to control the cattle on the road. The police authorities have agreed to help with the legal aspect. Governor has instructed to take strenuous action against the stray cattle.
  • Luminous jacket for night riders
  • This has to be followed by night workers on the road and public to be educated on this
  • Locating ambulance close to the accident-prone area, GPRS for an ambulance to find the location and mobilize quickly, Paramedics pre-hospital care training.
  • As the ambulance service has been brought under the health ministry now the Governor instructed the PD of health to speak the ministry of health and to sort out the issues soon.
  • First –Aid training to all three-wheel drivers and provision of First –Aid Box
  • Motor traffic department and the three-wheeler association has agreed upon the following suggestions;
    • Fixing metres for three-wheelers
    • Mandatory first aid box for all three-wheelers
    • PD of health to ensure basic training through RDHS
  • Workshops and seminars for all Public and private transport drivers
  • Special school programme , School awareness programme, Traffic control programme , traffic clubs at schools.
  • Every school has to identify the drop-off, pick up point and appropriate site for road crossing. This should be completed with the help of RDA. Local authority and police.
  • Report from RDA / police regarding injury-prone areas and to take control measures as suggested by the police.
  • Forming a task force to implement the recommendations
  • Governor has designated a task force for the above activities.

In addition, some of the policy-related recommendations which need to be implemented through a wider consultative approach with all key Government and non-Government players were agreed.

The Governor has instructed upon the following issues for all the relevant officers and the task force to work on it.

Road Development Authority, Road Development Department and Local Authorities to identify the locations of bus stands, the problems faced by the public due to that and to rectify immediately.

The main bazaar and market areas should implement strict Loading and unloading time and it has been agreed as 9.00 pm to 4.00 am.

There will be pocket meetings with Private bus owners long and short distances regarding rules and regulations

All shops encroaching the roads and public areas should be given immediate notice and a time period to rectify immediately and if they don’t abide by the law and, to take strenuous legal actions.

The RDA, RDD & local authority to check on road signs and boards.

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