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The Field was held in Thenivayal, Navaly North under the chairmanship of Mr. Jeevan Croos Agriculture Instructor for the AI range Sandilipay in Jaffna district. Provincial Director of Agriculture Mr.S.Sivakumar participated as Chief guest while Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture for Jaffna district Mrs. Anchanadevi Sriangan participated as Special Guest.

Agrarian Development Officer, Development Officers, Subject Matter Officers, Agricultural Instructors and Farmers of the Sandilipay AI range actively participated therein and learnt about the Row Seeded Paddy Cultivation and its superior advantage over the existing practice of broadcasting method.

The Farmer Mr.Uthayasooriyar who was selected for this demonstration used the Row Seeder coupled with 4 wheel tractor given by the Provincial Department of Agriculture to sow the seed paddy in rows; namely “BG 406” in an extent of 01 acre and “Attakari” in a extent of 4 aces. In this method the seed paddy requirement has been reduced by 50% compared to the conventional broadcasting method. Furthermore it was observed that the harmful weeds population has been reduced significantly while higher number of productive tillers have been recorded in this method.. Cost of Cultivation has been reduced by about 25 % due to the reasons of significant reduction in cost of seed paddy and cost of labourers for weed management.

The Farmer Mr.Uthayasooriyar explained how he incorporated organic manure with soil of his field and sprayed homemade organic liquid fertilizer for making this demonstration successful in addition to the row seeding technique.

Subject matter Officer for Farm Machinery Mr. N.Niranjankumar explained how to operate Raw Seeder in sowing seed paddy in rows and superior advantages

At the end of the field day, many farmers appreciated the performance of the technology and requested to arrange to get them the service of the Row Seeder in the next Maha season.