First DCC Meeting for Vavuniya District for 2021

The first District Coordinating Committee Meeting of the Vavuniya District for the year 2021 was held today (27) at 9.00 am at the Vavuniya District Conference Hall under the chairmanship of Hon. Governor of Northern Province Mrs. PSM Charles.

Parliamentarian cum Deputy Chairman of the Vavuniya District Coordinating Committee Hon. Thileepan and Vanni Parliamentarian Hon. Kader Masthan, Hon. Selvam Adikalanathan, Hon. Charles Nirmalanathan and Vinokarathalingam, Vavuniya District Secretary, Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Governor, Coordinating Secretary to the Governor, and Secretaries of the Ministries of the Northern Province, Divisional Secretaries, and all departmental officers were present in this meeting.

At first, the development plans of the Department of Agrarian Services were reviewed. While commenting in this regard, the Hon. Governor said that a list of all the tanks to be renovated should be handed over to the District Secretary as soon as possible along with letters from the Hon. Parliamentarians and Agricultural Organizations. She also asked the relevant authorities to carry out repair work on the tanks along with the drains so that they can be fully utilized by the farmers.

She also requested that the projects should be carried out in such a way as not to cause any changes in the ownership of the abandoned lands when they are used for agricultural purposes. In order to confirm this, a contract will be signed with the beneficiary. She also said that the abandoned lands should be identified and classified as suitable for various agriculture purposes.

Next, the development plans of the Irrigation Department and the problems they face were discussed. The Hon. Governor then inquired about the funds to be allocated for the rehabilitation of the Pavatkulam Tank and canal. She also asked for a feasibility study on the cultivation of paddy in other lands rather than in the Yala cultivation land.

The Hon. Governor then inquired about the teacher resources of the Department of Education and pointed out that the vacancies would be filled soon and that it is the responsibility of the Zonal Education Director to ensure the attendance of the appointed teacher and the students and creating lesson plans.

She also inquired about the traffic problems faced by teachers and students and promised to discuss with the Sri Lanka Transport Board and regulate the transport routes.

During the discussion on the health sector, it was requested to give priority to the accommodation of doctors and patient care activities in the development of primary health care. The matters related to the local authority and road development were also discussed in detail.