World Bank’s Managing Director said that they will give the full support for Sri Lanka’s development.

Northern Province Governor Mrs. PSM Charles yesterday (2023.10.30) met the Managing Director of the World Bank, Anna Bjerde and her team, as well as the women and children sector leaders.
The Governor of the Northern Province informed the representatives of the World Bank about the current situation in the Northern Province and asked the representatives of the World Bank to support the Northern Province in improving education, self-employment infrastructure and the security of children and women.
On hearing this, the Managing Director of the World Bank said that he is very attentive to the current economic and social situation in Sri Lanka and that he will give his hand to the projects related to development and security. Also he said in this discussion, that the World Bank will provide full support to the educational, health, support to improve the lives of the people and agricultural activities of the Northern Region.

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